About Prosser

The Prosser neighborhood is located on the northern side of the campus and is about a 13-minute walking distance and a 3-minute bus ride from the main campus. There are 7 two-story buildings and 6 one-story buildings housing 108 apartments. We have a nice, wide open playground central to all the buildings. We usually conduct our monthly gatherings at the playground. Based on our last year’s database, people from over 26 nations live in Prosser, so it is a great opportunity for all of us living in the Prosser neighborhood to learn about different nations, cultures, and traditions. This is one of our themes that we use to focus on our neighborhood gatherings.

The Prosser Apartment Assistant

Emily Allen

Bldg. 25, Apt. 3


Hello, my name is Emily Allen-Duncan and I am starting my first year as an Apartment Assistant. My husband, Nathan, and I are both students here at OSU. I was born and raised near Albuquerque, New Mexico and then came to OSU in 2014. I am studying history and hope to continue working at a university in some capacity post-graduate school.