Vitamins 101

I take a handful of vitamins all throughout each day.  I’m a vegetarian on a college budget, so I know I can’t afford to have a vitamin enriched meal every time I sit down. Vitamins are extremely affordable and one bottle will last you quite a long time.

Before I started taking vitamins, I would notice many things seemed off balanced and I knew my lack of nutrients was playing a factor. When I first began trying to decide what vitamins to take, it was all very overwhelming. All the vitamins will work wonders for your body, so how do you choose which one is right for you?

I’ve broken down the vitamins that are most beneficial to anyone.

Now, I do understand that not everyone is comfortable taking vitamins or a pill of any form. The vitamins that I take are all natural, but I will add a list of foods and beverages that will give you the same benefits as well.

Vitamin A

I take vitamin A because I have sevre asthma, and thyroid problems run in my family. Vitamin A is known for combatting both of these diseases. It will also help conquer mesntratual side effects and fertitlity imbalances in both male and female. It is also used to help with vision and treating eye disorders such as catacts and glaucoma. Some of the foods that contain vitamin A are fruits, vegetables, eggs, whole milk, butter, meat and oily saltwater fish.


I love taking B12. After a few weeks of consistently taking this vitamin, I noticed changes in my body. B12 is known to boosts energy, mood, concentration and immune system. It is also used for memory loss and is know to help fight the development of Alzheimer’s disease. If you apply it directly to the skin, it will help with psoriasis and eczema as well. Some foods that contain B12 benefits include chicken eggs, swiss cheese, mackerel, crab

Fish Oil

Fish Oil pills are something I have taken for year. It gives your skin a natural glow and it helps with your complexion. It is often taken to help with heart and brain health. It also helos with diabetes, asthma nd weak bones. It gives the body omega-3 fatty acids, which the body cannot product on it’s own. It will also reduce pain, swelling and blood clots. Some foods that contain a generous amount of fish oil include salmon, tuna, sturgeon, bluefish, trout.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is my favorite vitamin to take. Generally, I get a cold everytime the weather changes from hot to cold or vice versa. Since I started taking vitamin C habitually, I have not suffered from a single cold. I prefer the chewable version of this pill. The citrus taste is an instant burst of energy, and so I typically take it first thing in the morning. builds your immune system, builds white cell count. Vitamin C can also fight stomach ulcers and depression. Foods that contain vitamin C are citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons, freshly squeezed orange juice.

Vitamin D

I have very frail and fragile bones. My arms are the same size the entire way up. I’m also terribly clumsy and uncoordinated. So, I take fish oil to help develop stronger bones. Vitamin D supports weak bones, bone pain, bone loss and it helps prevent fractures. I also have very brittle teeth too, and vitamin D helps to support strong teeth as well. Vitamin D is found in fish, sardines, dairy products, juice and cereal.


Biotin works wonders for your hair skin and nails. Since I have started taking this vitamin, my skin has become more durable and less oily. My nails are terribly weak from constantly getting fake nails. Since taking this vitamin, I have noticed my natural nails are strengthening and growing stronger than before. I also have damaged hair from constantly dying and putting heat on it. My hair has become noticeably shinier and stronger as well. When taken orally, Biotin is known for fighting hair loss, brittle nails, skin rash in infants, diabetes and mild depression. Biotin can be gained through consumption of mushrooms, tuna, turkey, avocados, egg, salmon.


Now, these pills are quite large, but I just tell myself it’s because they contain so many great things. Fenugreek will help with digestive problems such as an upset stomach, constipatopm, loss of appetite and inflammation of the stomach.  Fenugreek can be found in cheken, curries, legumes and potatos.

With hundreds of vitamins on the shelf, you are bound to find the ones for you that will fit your lifestyle and personal needs. This list is just a few of my personal favorites that have helped with my daily health and wellness.


Put Your Best Face Foward

Fact: Everyone wishes to have flawless skin.

Fact: The skin is the largest organ of the body.

Ugly truth: You’re probably not taking proper care of it.


Our skin is always exposed, so we want it to look our absolute best. If you’re anything like me, you have a basket full of beauty products you’ve bought to try and make you skin look perfect. But unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend in front of the mirror or how much money you spend in the store. If you’re not properly taking care of your skin, then you’ll be sorely sorry.

The skin is sensitive, and I mean SENSITIVE. One false move and you may counteract your skins entire appearance. Scary stuff.

So I have found what I think is the best and most helpful list online regarding skincare. This list will tell you all the things you’ve most likely been doing that are hindering your skins full blown and flawless potential.

1.     Forgetting Sunscreen – Shielding your skin from UV rays was the first thing on every skincare article I found. The harshness of the UV rays is building up permanent damage. You should apply sunscreen to your face everyday before heading out. Everyone should moisturize his or her face first thing in the morning, so try to find a moisturizer with SPF. UV rays can lead to the skin aging, sunspots and even cancer.

2.     Not Enough Exercise – My motto is “look good, feel good.” Pretty simple, but a big part of that statement is working out. I know, working out can really suck. I mean who likes to be covered in their own sweat? But exercise will cause more blood flow and will also push the toxins out of your skin. Just be sure to wash off all that sweat!


3.     Allergy Face – Ah, springtime. We wait and wait all year for your arrival and then what do you do?  You through pollen at us and ruin our day. It’s hard to wear any makeup when you feel like you’re wiping it off with a Kleenex all day. Zyrtec celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg offers a few allergy driven tips. You can contour your makeup to help diminish the look of puffiness. Using argan balm or coconut oil will help to get rid of the redness. Applying white eyeliner to the bottom water rim will help to widen and brighten your eyes. You can also draw attention away from your eyes and more toward your lips by using a pop of colored lipstick.

4.     Using Toner – There are hundreds of toners on the shelf. If you feel as though your toner is either drying your skin or causing it to produce more oil, simply take the toner out of your routine. It is not vital to your skincare routine, and if it’s cause too many issues, just let it be!

5.     Exfoliating Too Often – Personally, I love the feeling right after I exfoliate my nice. It’s like I am scrubbing away all my problems! I know, so cheesy. But believe it our not, exfoliating can be too harsh for your skin. Try to limit yourself to exfoliating once a week.

6.     Too Much Stress – Stress is sometimes unavoidable, but it can cause many issues to our health. Stress will cause our skin to age prematurely and can also cause unwanted blemishes. Being stressed out effects your entire body, and with the skin being the largest organ, it’s bound to suffer some consequences. Simple Skincare suggests lighting lavender-scented candles to help you unwind and feel more at ease.

7.     Applying Makeup with a Dirty Brush – Using the same brush over and over is bound to lead to build up. This build up consists of dirt and bacteria and if you continually apply it to your face, it is almost guaranteed to lead to break outs. There are several products out there to clean your makeup brushes, or you can use a mild soap or shampoo.

8.     Skimping on the Sleep – We are constantly on the go trying to fill up our entire day, but often times we bite off more than we can chew, and our sleep suffers the consequence. Try to aim for getting 8-9 hours of sleep. During our sleep, our skin is forming new cells and our bodies are rebooting. Passing up sleep is vital to keeping your skin glowing and flawless.

9.     Smoking – Smoking is terrible for your skin. The smoke will clog your pores and cause breakouts. It also will cause premature aging, age spots, and unavoidably cause wrinkles.

10. Waiting to Moisturize – The key to moisturize is to do it when the pores are open. Once you get out of the shower, it’s tempting to wait to moisturize until you’re dried off and dressed. However, studies show that you will get the best results for you skin if you moisturize as soon as you get out of the shower while your pores are hot and opened.

11. Lacking a Skincare Regime – You and your skin need to be on the same page. If you’re throwing new products onto your face everyday and mixing up your routine, your skin is likely to suffer. Getting on a routine and staying on track will help your skin adapt to the care. If you’re constantly changing your skincare routine, your skin is going to get confused and freak out (aka breakout).

12. Lacking Vitamin-Rich Foods in Diet – Try your best to avoid sugary or salty snacks throughout the day. Instead, replace these snacks with walnuts, leafy greens and foods high in antioxidants to improve your skin (pomegranates will work wonders). Salmon is known for giving your skin an extra glow. And using Coconut oil to replace vegetable oil and butters is known to give your skin the extra glow you desire.

13. Neglecting the Under-Eye Area – The skin under the eyes is the most delicate and requires the most care. Be sure you are gently applying lotion and sunscreen to this area to prevent damage.

14. Too Much Alcohol and Caffeine - I’m pretty sure caffeine is in my bloodstream by how much coffee I drink it. No, I'm not proud of my addiction and yes I am trying to quit (well, cutback). Caffeine and alcohol will cause dehydration, which eventually leads to your skin drying out as well. Join me in my kicking of caffeine. It sucks, but our skin will eventually thank us.

15. Failing to Use Retinols – Retinols contain vitamin A, which does wonders for your skin. It will help to unclog pores, boosts collagen (which helps to reduce wrinkles), and it speeds up your cell recovery. Dr. Mariwalla recommends to find a nighttime moisturizer that contains retinoid, and ease the product into your nightly skincare routine.

You can thank Shannon Bauer for all of these helpful tips and tricks on skin care! Feel free to read her article for more information at

White Smile

They say a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. So why not try and perfect it? Here are a few home remedies that will help you have a bright smile that will turn heads and save you money!

Strawberries – Cut a strawberry in half and rub it against your teeth for one minute, then rinse. Or, you can mash up a few strawberries and mix them with a tablespoon of baking spoon of baking soda to create your own whitening toothpaste.


Banana Peel – Take a banana peel and rub it against your teeth for a minute and then rinse.


Baking soda – After applying toothpaste, dip your toothbrush into a bowl of baking soda. Brush your teeth as you normally would and rinse.


Apple Cider Vinegar – Replace your mouthwash with apple cider vinegar and swish it in your mouth for 2 minutes.

Whitening Strips – There are several over the counter products that you can buy to whiten your teeth.

Hydrogen Peroxide- Make a mixture of two table one tablespoon water, one tablespoon hydrogen peroxide to replace your normal mouthwash. It will leave you with a squeaky clean feeling and a brighter smile. Just be careful not to swallow it or make your mixture too strong! 

Flossing – Be sure to making flossing a part of your regular routine to ensure a healthy and clean mouth.

All of these methods are to be used how you feel best. If you notice any type of discomfort, simply stop and let your teeth rest.

Here's a Little Sugar, Sugar

If you’re not in love with sugar scrubs, then you’ve probably never used one.


Sugar scrubs will solve all of your problems. Well, not really, but stay with me on this.


Sugar scrubs exfoliate your skin, which is just another way of say it removes the dead skin so fresh new skin can grow in its place. It was also leave your skin incredibly soft, smooth and glowing. It can also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks!


They can be expensive at local shops and are hard to find. But why waste time and money when you can make your own at home?!

Here’s a few recipies you can try:

Baby Rose Sugar Scrub

·      1 ½ cup of plain white sugar

·      ¼ cup of baby oil

·      12 rose petals

·      a food processor

Combine all ingredients in a food processor and that’s it!

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

·      1 ½ cup of sugar

·      2 tsp green tea powder

·      2 green tea bags

·      1 cup coconut oil

Combine all ingredients and scrub away!

Zesty Sweet Lemon Body Sugar Scrub

·      One Lemon

·      1/3 cup raw cane sugat

·      1/3 cup brown sugar

·      ¾ cup coconut oil

mix them all together and that’s it!


Check out more recipes online at:

Hidden Kitchen Secrets

We all have a nightly regime. I don’t know about you, but mine is getting a little too expensive and time consuming. Here’s a few helpful hints and tricks to fix that problem.

 Ice cubes

            If you rub ice cubes on your face, particularly around a breakout area, they’ll help cure acne. Ice cube also help reduce the appearance of larger pores.

Baking soda

            Baking soda has been around for ages and deserves an award if you ask me. It can be used all around the house and help your overall facial appearance. If you mix it with coconut oil you can make a face wash with it that helps open your pores. You can also add a dash of it to your toothpaste to help whiten your teeth.


            If you’ve ever had a long night and woke up with dark circles under your eyes use tea bags. I’ve heard of it, and saw it in movies, but I never thought it would actually work. I thought wrong, clearly. Try it. Not only does tea help with dark circles, green tea can be used as a toner to help tighten your skin.


            Yogurt is not only great for eating, it works wonders on your face when combined with honey. If you have a bad rash it can help calm the rash to reduce redness and it helps fight wrinkles to keep your skin firm and more moisturized. Keep in mind that you should use plan/ flavorless yogurt so you don’t irritate your skin. You can also use plain yogurt, honey, virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil as a protein treatment on your hair.