Sports Party Treats

We all know that the best part about going to a sports party isn’t the energy, the friendly competition or seeing your friends – it’s the free food.

I know when I host a party, I always like to have clever snacks that fit the theme. So, I have made a list snacks that will be sure to impress your guests at your next sports party.

Here are a few sporting events you can throw a party for in this upcoming year:

  • Super Bowl 50
  • FIFA World Cup
  • French Open, Wimbledon, Australian Open, US Open
  • NBA Playoffs
  • College games ex March Madness
  • Hockey Cup
  • PGA Tour
  • College Football
  • Birthday Parties



PGA Cookies

Bake normal sugar cookies either store packaged or homemade. I’m cheap, so I prefer to buy the prepackaged kind.

Bake your cookies, and as soon as you pull them out of the oven, you’ll need to poke of tiny hole through while the cookies are still hot.

Next, take your cookies and and add green icing while it is still hot, that way it is smooth and even.

While the icing is hot, quickly add a white golf ball “aka one of your sugar pearls”

Now allow everything to dry. Once it is dry, you can start adding details. You will want to add a gray line (the pole) with a red triangle at the top (the flag).

Next, take black piping icing to add a swoosh, this will look like the path the golf ball took.


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This recepie is quick, clever and delicious.

You’ll want to take an OREO (flavor and size is your own preference).

Next you’ll want to take orange melting chocolate and place it in a pot on the burner.

Take your “cake pop stick” and instert it into the cream  of the OREO cookie.

Carefully dip the cookie into the orange chocolate, and let the excess drip off the sides.

Allow the icing to cool.

Take black piping icing and add detail marks to create your own edible basketballs!


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Alright, this one is a little intense.

First, grab a large aluminum tray

Then, the night before you’ll have want to made a batch of Rice Krispy Treats. You can either use a thin and narrow pan, or use a large pan and simply cut the treats into strips. Surround the edge of the tray with your treats.

Next, fill in your tray. Start in the middle with your thick guacamole. Then on one side, add queso while on on the other side adding salsa.

Then, take a piping bag and add sour cream to make the yard markers.

Along the outside of the stadium, add finger sandwiches using toothpicks.

Fill the spaces in between the Rice Krispy Treats and the sandwiches with assorted chips.

Easy enough, right?


For visuals and more clarity to help you with these cookies, visit the creator at:


Here are more snacks to give you a little inspiration for creating your own snacks. They are all on our ResLife Pinterest page!