One Day. No Phone.

I thought about writing about spending an entire day without technology. Like I said, I thought about it. I honestly wouldn’t last a day…maybe 8 hours – and that’s because of recommended 8 hrs of sleep. I can not last a day with out my computer, radio, iPad, car – just no, I can’t even fathom the thought of not having music or my car. No, just no.

But what about spending the day phone-less. I think I can do that. Well, actually I have – involuntarily of course. My phone was out of commission a little while ago because I dropped it, my screen was shattered and my phone wouldn’t  turn on. It wasn’t a simple slip, no. My phone fell, rolled over, slid and fell again…. Iet's just say it was a dramatic experience for me and the phone. Needless to say, my phone didn’t stand a chance against the fall.

I hate so say it, but I actually enjoyed not having my phone glued to my hip. It was refreshing. Peaceful. Liberating. Relaxing – and every other word you can think of. I just really enjoyed not having a tracking device attached to me all day. I wasn’t forced to text, call, or Facebook message anyone. I was way more focused in class – it was nice.

The downfall to not having my phone all day was that I needed a watch. It kind of sucked not being able to keep track of the time and trying to make it to class on time. However, it forced me to talk to the people around me. I usually walk around campus in my own little world with my headphones glue to my ears. Asking people the time sparked conversations with strangers and it was cool – I met a few interesting people. Now, I’m not advocating talking to strangers, but not having my phone impacted my school day positively.

I wouldn’t recommend leaving your phone at at home once a week or everyday– I don’t  think I could do that. I suggest leaving your phone at home once a month- That’s only twelve times a year. Just try to pick the days that you wouldn’t need it the most.

Good luck :)