The world is filled with coffee lovers, but what about the tea lovers. Tea tastes delicious and can also help your overall health. Coffee may have the power to keep you awake...but can it soothe you and help you go to sleep? I’ll answer that – No, it can’t. Tea can help you in several ways, plus it’s easier to make than coffee. If you’re drinking tea you only need a cup, hot water and a tea bag – I can’t say the same about coffee, you might as well go buy a coffee machine now and don’t forget to grind your coffee beans later.

Let’s face it, tea can save you time and money when compared to coffee. I’m not trying to convince anyone to drink tea instead of coffee, I’m just simply sharing a few facts. For example, green tea can help keep your bones healthy, unsweetened black tea can help with bad breath because it has the power to slow down the process of plaque-causing bacteria. Wait, there’s more… Some people say tea is better than drinking water because it replenishes the body just like water does and it contains antioxidants, so it’s kind of like a two for one deal. I think pure water is one of the healthiest things for your body, but I understand how some people say tea is better.

Well, I’m done preaching about how great drinking tea is for your body - so here’s the next step. Now that you know the benefits of drinking tea, you should look at the chart on the right, to see which types of tea can assist your specific needs.