Summer Time Festivities

Finally, it’s summer time and the sun is shining bright. Instead of staying in the house, go out and have fun with the family. There’s tons on kid-friendly games to play that won’t cost you a fortune. Here are 4 fun games and activities that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Backyard obstacle course

This game will cost no extra money for you. All you need are a few random items from around the house to play. After you find the items you can make up the rules for the obstacle course as a family and enjoy! It’s short, simple and sweet.

Oversized memory game

This takes the memory game to a whole new level. Enjoy the oversized game in your backyard or at the park. It’s pretty easy and inexpensive to make, you’ll need poster boards, glue/tape, markers or printouts of shapes and symbols. First, you need 10 sheets of poster board, then cut the poster boards evenly down the middle. You should have 20 sheets of poster board paper. Now, you only have to draw or cut out your shapes and figures – don’t forget to make sure you create its matching shape/ figure. At the end, you should have 10 different figures but 20 poster board cards. One more thing before you get to have fun, shuffle the cards and lay them face down to play.  Have fun.

Yard twister

  I absolutely loved playing Twister as a child, it was so much fun. Now you can play outside with friends and family. You only need 4 different cans of spray paint (preferably red, blue, yellow and green). Now just spray paint a line of circles in the different colors. Don’t there’s an example to show you the finished product. This is great to play at a birthday party, picnic or just a fun family activity.

Water balloon piñata

I think this the best way to cool off in the summer heat. Fill balloons up with water and hang them from monkey bars, or other high areas in your backyard/park. Now, pop the balloons, you can use a stick if it’s really high or jump to burst them. You can make this a competitive family game by using a timer or even blindfolding people before someone starts.