Just Keep Swimming...

Maybe it’s my inner pieces talking, but swimming is the greatest thing in the world. There is nothing I love more than being completely engulfed in water and the feeling of water gliding between my fingers. And I would wear chlorine as perfume.

Okay, yeah maybe that last part isn’t so normal.

Since it’s summer, I encourage you to get out there and go swimming at any opportunity you can get. Not only does it relieve stress, but it’s also proven to be one of the best weight-loss exercises you can do. Also, to all of my fellow asthmatics, it will do wonders for your asthma. Growing up, I could never participate in sports simply because my lungs wouldn’t allow it. Swimming was something I could turn to help build the strength of my lungs while being active.

And the best part is you don’t sweat!

And lucky for you, since you are a student at Oklahoma State University, you have total access to the Colvin Center, which is equipped with two pools. There is a large pool inside will multiple lanes to do lap as well as a deeper section for diving. There is also another pool outside that has a few lanes to do laps, a whirl pool and a shallow area for games such as water polo. 

Here are some interesting facts and statistics 

And if you are interested, here are some fun and effective workouts you can try next time you take a dip in the pool!

Keep in mind that everyone is different, and some workouts aren't for everyone. If you feel yourself struggling miserably, then lighten up! Working out is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Feel free to checkout our Pinterest account to find more swim workouts that are suitable for you at https://www.pinterest.com/okstatefrc/