Photo Challenge


So it’s mid summer and you’re bored. You start thinking about the rest of the summer and (although you won’t admit it) you start to secretly wish classes would start so you would at least have something to do. June is almost done, but how will you stay entertained for the entire month of July? Does the 4th of July even count as a work holiday?

Well, I have a solution for your overly relaxed and tired little mind.

Do a photo challenge!

Anyone can do a photo challenge. The only thing you need is a working camera.

You’re given a list of one thing to take a photo of every day for the entire month. What you do with the photos is up to you. You can upload them and share them with friends on social media. Or you can just keep them to yourself as a memorabilia.

I personally really enjoy doing a photo challenge because it gives me a chance to be creative. For example, one instruction may simply by “take a photo of something blue.” Should it be a cool photo of the sky? Of a flowerpot? The carpet that my desk at work sits on? A poster I see on the wall? A pen? The possibilities are endless. Being able to express yourself freely and to think creatively is an easy way to brighten up any day.

So, here is my photo challenge for you!

The only rules are that you can’t skip a day and you can’t skip ahead. Take each day one at a time. Some days it may be hard to think of something to take a photo of, but that’s the point – it’s a challenge!