Hidden Kitchen Secrets

We all have a nightly regime. I don’t know about you, but mine is getting a little too expensive and time consuming. Here’s a few helpful hints and tricks to fix that problem.

 Ice cubes

            If you rub ice cubes on your face, particularly around a breakout area, they’ll help cure acne. Ice cube also help reduce the appearance of larger pores.

Baking soda

            Baking soda has been around for ages and deserves an award if you ask me. It can be used all around the house and help your overall facial appearance. If you mix it with coconut oil you can make a face wash with it that helps open your pores. You can also add a dash of it to your toothpaste to help whiten your teeth.


            If you’ve ever had a long night and woke up with dark circles under your eyes use tea bags. I’ve heard of it, and saw it in movies, but I never thought it would actually work. I thought wrong, clearly. Try it. Not only does tea help with dark circles, green tea can be used as a toner to help tighten your skin.


            Yogurt is not only great for eating, it works wonders on your face when combined with honey. If you have a bad rash it can help calm the rash to reduce redness and it helps fight wrinkles to keep your skin firm and more moisturized. Keep in mind that you should use plan/ flavorless yogurt so you don’t irritate your skin. You can also use plain yogurt, honey, virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil as a protein treatment on your hair.