Healthy Traveling

Road trips sound like fun, but lets be honest - they last forever. Hopping on a plane makes life easier. I just wish I could take the gas station’s cheap snack prices with me. If you’ve been on an airplane before, then I’m sure you can agree that food and beverages are not all that affordable, especially for people with families. Here are a few healthy snacks and traveling hacks for flying with young kids. All you need are plastic zipper bags and snacks that your children will enjoy.

1.      Plastic Zipper Bags

Plastic zipper bags are a must have when traveling with children. The smaller baggies are perfect for carrying on the plane. Plus they’re the right size for small hands to carry.

2.      The Snacks

The best snacks for traveling are finger foods. Why? Because they're easy to clean up. A few finger foods that would be great to pack are pretzels, carrots, sliced apples, raisins, peanuts, dry cereal.

            3.      Don’t Forget

Don't forget that a few spills may occur on your trip, so pack wipes and hand sanitizer, just in case. You know never know when you might end up in a sticky situation.