I'll Drink To That!

Lemon Water  

You should start off every morning with a tall glass of water with fresh lemon juice. Drinking lemon water not only boosts weight loss, but it also cleans the liver, stimulates digestion and improves your skin. All these benefits for sipping on something that’s basically free?! Sign me up!

Green Tea

 Drinking green tea has been proven to increase your metabolism, which helps aid in weight loss and makes you healthier. It also helps to lower cholesterol, high blood pressure and blood sugar as well. There are dozens of flavors of green tea, so you are sure to find one for your tastebuds!

Freshly Squeezed Juice

 Coffee is perfect. I know. But try swapping out your morning cup (or two) with a glass of freshly squeezed juice. It will provide you with more energy than you’ll get from the caffeine in coffee and it is so much better for you and your health. Caffeine leads to irritability, weight gain and it absorbs the calcium from your bones, which makes you weaker. Lucky for you, if you don’t want to squeeze your own oranges everyday, OSU has a Jamba Juice right on campus! You can get freshly squeezed juices such as orange or carrot and add different fruits and vegetables for flavor!