7 Commandments To Reach Your Summer Goals



“This summer I’m going to wake up every day at 5 am to run.
“This summer I’m not going to have any fast food.
“This summer I’m going to look so good that when people come back for classes I’ll be like a celebrity.”

We’ve all made those goals.

It’s always so easy to get inspired to better yourself. But finding that inspiration at 5 in the morning, or when someone offers you free french fries is not so easy.

So we present you with the 7 commandments to reach your summer goals. You’re welcome.

1.     You are what you repeatedly do.

I know mornings are hard and sweating is gross. But you have to do it and be sure to do it with a smile. Pretty soon, waking up and going to workout will become second nature. You’ll even feel weird if you don’t workout.

2.     Surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher.

If you spend time with people that are constantly negative and make you feel bad about yourself, then leave them. You don’t need their grumpy attitude to cloud your happiness. Surround yourself with people that have the same goals as you and want to see you succeed.  Find a workout buddy or join a fitness class to make new motivating friends!

3.     Showing up is half the battle.

Okay, so, you only hit the snooze button three times today, you didn’t brush your teeth and your socks don’t match. But hey! You are working out while everyone else is being lazy and sleeping. So you rock. You’re already up and ready, so you might as well put your all into your workout. Nobody ever regrets how hard the worked out.

4.     Establish every goal.

Make everything a goal! That way every day you can at least accomplish something! Have a goal to not hit the snooze button. Make a goal to not eat any extra sugar all day. Make it a goal to at least put on your running shoes!

5.     S L E E P

Never, ever, ever put off sleep. If you need a nap, you take it. You deserve it. Lack of sleep causes fatigue, irritability, weight gain and you won’t have a decent workout. With a little creativity and a dash of desperation, you can turn anything into a bed.

6.     Be selfish

This is YOUR goal. Don’t let other people interfere with you becoming happier. If you have to say no to a night out for dessert, don’t feel bad. If you can’t stay out as late because you need to get up at 7 a.m., then do it! This is all about you!

7.     Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Mornings are hard enough as it is. Try and map out everything from what you will eat that day and when, when you will workout, and what workouts you will do. This will help you stay focused and consistent.