About Stevens

Located on the northwest side of campus and is 10 minutes walking distance or a five-minute bus ride from the main campus. There are 10 two-story buildings which house 120 apartments. All buildings are non-carpeted with window air-conditioning (AC) units that can be turned off and on when needed. We have a playground central to most of the buildings. We usually conduct our monthly gatherings at the playground but, if the weather is bad, we will move the gatherings inside to the FRC Great Room. Another location-wise benefit of living in Stevens is its proximity to the Colvin Center which is a great place to exercise and release some energy in between your studies and classes. The Stevens neighborhood is fairly diverse with people of many different backgrounds.

The Stevens Apartment Assistant

Chi Chu Huang

Bldg. 70, Apt. 8


I am Chi Chu Huang and from Taiwan. My major is Counseling Psychology. This is my first year, and I am in School Counseling track. My hobby is reading and listening to music. My favorite book is "The Nature of Personal Reality." I enjoy listening all kind of music. I love practicing Tai Chi. Whenever I practice it, I can tell whether my body and mind are in a harmonious way or not. As an AA in Stevens, I would like to get to know more about residents here and provide residents with help and useful information. Nice to meet you!  


Chi Chu