About Brumley

Located west of the academic core of the University and also is the closest FGSH Neighborhood to all academic buildings. Most buildings are within a 15-minute walking time and a five-minute walk to the bus stop. We are conveniently located near the Colvin Recreational Center and tennis courts which are open to all currently enrolled students. The neighborhood offers our own laundry mart and is open 24/7 and a playground. We also have housing offices and the Brumley Community Center that is located within the neighborhood. Residents from many different nationalities are represented. This provides our neighborhood a great opportunity to learn about different countries. This learning will be facilitated during our monthly neighborhood gatherings .

The Brumley Apartment Assistant

Mickala RamezanI
Bldg. 125, Apt. 6

Hiyya! My name is Mickala Ramezani. I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma and have lived in Oklahoma my entire life. I am currently studying Human Development and Family Science (HDFS) with the hopes of becoming a guidance counselor. I have a slight obsession with the Myer Briggs Personality Test and often find myself connecting everything to the test subconsciously throughout the day. I genuinely enjoy going on walks for no apparent reason and reading about things that are interesting but not always useful. Sometimes I try to crochet and find it relaxing but can never seem to make my scarf look even. My friendships run deep and I spend a majority of my time with a small number of people. However, I am never opposed to getting coffee or ice cream with a stranger. :)