The Voices behind "In Between the Lines" and the "Newsline"


From Left To Right: Martínus McCönnell, Janecia Love and Caroline Chabata

In Between the Lines is a weekly blog authored by communications specialist, Caroline Chabata, social media specialist Janecia Love and communications & marketing residence director, Martínus McCönnell who is also the editor of the Newsline, our bimonthly newsletter. Together Chabata, Love and McCönnell bring residents current events on Health/Fitness, Culture/Art, Beauty, Food, Sports and much more. In addition to the weekly blog “In Between the Lines” and the “Newsline” the team features weekly resident and child spotlights that showcase the diversity in Family and Graduate Student Housing. Their main goal is to reach residents in yet another way to either help them with their transition to Stillwater or to keep current residents up-to-date with current events. Residents are also encouraged to comment and start a dialogue on each post.

If there is anything you would like to see covered in “In Between the Lines” or the “Newsline” fill out the form and they will do some research and see what they can come up with. Also if you wish to submit an article for “In Between the Lines” or if you have any photos you would like included in the photo gallery please feel free to email it to and either Rachelle, Brittany or Martinus will get back to you and let you know if and when your content will be featured on